2024-06-17v4.0.20RELEASE v4.0.20 is released and available for download
2024-06-13v4.0.20Bug fixed DOCX Incorrectly applied justify alignment for text preceding a table
2024-06-13v4.0.20Bug fixed UTF32 surrogate pairs in input HTML cause resulting DOCX to be corrupted
2024-06-12v4.0.20Improvement eliminated concurrent access to some cached data for performance and stability reasons
2024-06-12v4.0.20Bug fixed possible invalid table cell padding before rowspanned cells
2024-06-12v4.0.20Bug fixed partially missing table border for rowspanned cells in DOCX
2024-05-20v4.0.20Improvement support of image url in content property of ::before CSS pseudo-element
2024-05-20v4.0.20Bug fixed implicit page breaks on a list item may cause visual artifacts
2024-05-20v4.0.20Bug fixed footnote/endnote label may erroneously inherit the width style from its parent element
2024-05-20v4.0.20Bug fixed text-indent CSS property may have no effect
2024-05-17v4.0.20Bug fixed DOCX undesired line break if <p> tag is nested to the <li> tag
2024-04-19v4.0.20Improvement Supports EXIF orientation of JPEG images
2024-04-15v4.0.19fx1RELEASE Maintenance v4.0.19fx1 is released and available for download
2024-04-11v4.0.19fx1Improvement DOCX: SVG images support
2024-03-28v4.0.19fx1Bug fixed incorrect inheritance and combining of underline and line-through text decoration CSS styles
2024-03-24v4.0.19fx1Bug fixed footnotes text alignment undesirably inherited from the referenced content
2024-03-23v4.0.19fx1Bug fixed incorrect percent width balancing of colspanned table columns
2024-03-23v4.0.19fx1Bug fixed dots in TOC not rendered [pdf]
2024-03-23v4.0.19fx1Bug fixed noref Footnotes may be placed on the wrong page
2024-03-03v4.0.19fx1Bug fixed horizontal alignment is not applied to DOCX table cells
2024-02-27v4.0.19fx1Improvement DOCX output: sub/superscript alignment support; dots in TOC
2024-02-26v4.0.19fx1Improvement support of footnotes and endnotes in DOCX
2024-02-23v4.0.19fx1Bug fixed DOCX: table row background color is not applied
2024-02-19v4.0.19RELEASE v4.0.19 is released and available for download
2024-02-17v4.1.0Improvement increased tolerance of the PDF parser to document encryption errors
2024-02-16v4.0.19Bug fixed ignore spaces between CSS lengths and units for backwards compatibility with v3
2024-02-15v4.0.19Improvement Added support for header and footer images and hyperlinks for DOCX output.
2024-02-15v4.0.19Bug fixed Text underline thickness depends on parent block border width
2024-02-15v4.0.19Bug fixed Nested table layout with mixed content is broken by RTF conversion
2024-02-13v4.0.19Improvement New Feature: DOCX file format output support
2024-02-04v4.0.19Bug fixed incorrect collapsed table dashed/dotted border style inheritance; dashed and dotted lines rendering refined
2024-02-02v4.0.19Bug fixed empty table cells can allocate horizontal space
2024-02-01v4.0.19Bug fixed ability to use a decorative symbol font as a fallback font for regular content
2024-01-31v4.0.19Bug fixed occasional truncated data on page breaks in multi-level nested tables
2024-01-30v4.0.19Improvement rounded rectangle borders / backgrounds placement refined in PDF output
2023-12-20v4.0.18RELEASE v4.0.18 is released and available for download
2023-11-19v4.0.18Bug fixed incorrect <tr> padding handling causes duplicated table cell borders
2023-11-19v4.0.18Bug fixed <iframe> in a table cell may cause a class cast exception
2023-11-18v4.0.18Improvement support for individual font face and color settings for created PDF form fields
2023-11-18v4.0.18Bug fixed incorrect table row width balancing in a case of inconsistent table structure
2023-11-18v4.0.18Bug fixed incorrect processing of <title> if it appeared in <body>
2023-10-04v4.0.18Bug fixed Parentheses or punctuation marks within a word should not be considered a possible position for line breaks
2023-09-06v4.0.17RELEASE Maintenance v4.0.17 is released and available for download
2023-09-04v4.0.17Improvement External entity injection protection in the SVG handler
2023-09-04v4.0.17Bug fixed Non-breaking space &nbsp; is breaking if preceded by punctuation
2023-09-03v4.0.17Bug fixed online WOFF and WOFF2 font files loaded twice
2023-09-03v4.0.17Bug fixed max-width property may cause incorrect auto margins calculation
2023-08-27v4.0.17Bug fixed table may not stretch horizontally properly if the width of all table columns is specified as a percentage
2023-08-17v4.0.17Bug fixed Trailing blank PDF page is not always removed by default
2023-08-17v4.0.17Bug fixed CSS 'clear' property does not take precedence over 'float'
2023-08-15v4.0.17Improvement eliminate unwanted second parsing pass in special cases (significant performance improvement for large documents)
2023-08-15v4.0.17Bug fixed absolute positioning style applied to <br> cause ClassCastException
2023-06-21v4.0.17Bug fixed inconsistencies in HTML/CSS document structure included by <iframe> can break style of the main document
2023-05-23v4.0.16RELEASE v4.0.16 is released and available for download
2023-05-21v4.0.16Improvement PDF parser: skip leading garbage bytes in damaged PDFs
2023-05-18v4.0.16Improvement rendering performance optimization for multi-nested tables
2023-05-16v4.0.16Bug fixed .DAT files can remain in the TEMP directory for a very long time if the application has not been restarted in the meantime
2023-04-03v4.0.16Bug fixed Japanese double space character ignored or rendered incorrectly
2023-04-03v4.0.16Bug fixed CSS descendant selectors don't match if class attribute ends with whitespace
2023-04-03v4.0.16Bug fixed @font-face font alternatives are not used if one of the specified fonts fails to load or has an unsupported format
2023-03-14v3.11.5fx5Bug fixed regression: line breaks can mistakenly break words after umlauts
2023-03-10v4.0.16Bug fixed by collapsed table borders row background overlaps cells content
2023-03-07v4.0.16Bug fixed recursive loading of <iframe>s
2023-03-07v4.0.16Bug fixed corrupted GIF image with negative dimensions causes NPE
2023-03-04v4.0.16Bug fixed purged from the file cache and not properly restored WOFF font file causes NPE
2023-03-03v4.0.16Bug fixed infinite loop in flex layout under special combination of rendering conditions
2023-02-28v4.0.16Bug fixed page CropBox is not taken into account by PDF overlay/underlay
2023-02-21v4.0.16Improvement woff2 file format support added; woff format support updated
2023-02-02v4.0.16Bug fixed depending on the internal page hierarchy, PD4ML may not return inherited size or media box dimensions of a PDF page.
2023-02-01v4.0.15fx2RELEASE v4.0.15fx2 is released and available for download
2023-01-21v3.11.4fx6Bug fixed relative font size could be applied twice to heading tags <H1>, <H2> etc
2023-01-03v4.0.15fx2Bug fixed nowrap table cell style is not applied to nested elements
2023-01-03v4.0.15fx2Bug fixed direction: RTL style takes no effect because of uppercase
2022-12-02v4.0.15fx2Bug fixed not always correct auto width calculation of absolute positioned blocks
2022-11-11v4.0.9fx5Improvement tb-rl writing mode supported
2022-11-11v4.0.15fx2Improvement new landscape option for page orientation change without header and footer rotation: <pd4ml:page.break pageFormat="A4,landscape">
2022-11-11v4.0.15fx2Bug fixed output of multiple blank pages if the document has a table whose header and the first row are taller than the page.
2022-10-23v4.0.15fx1Improvement Special Tomcat10/Servlet5.0/JSP3.0 compatibility build published
2022-10-12v4.0.15fx1RELEASE v4.0.15fx1 is released and available for download
2022-10-11v4.0.15fx1Bug fixed corrupted RTF layout of multi-nested tables if the most nested cell contains an image
2022-09-29v4.0.15fx1Bug fixed floating block horizontal space allocation issue
2022-09-27v4.0.15fx1Bug fixed performance issues when converting huge HTML to RTF
2022-09-13v4.0.15fx1Bug fixed corrupted table layout if table header height greater than page height
2022-09-07v4.0.15RELEASE v4.0.15 is released and available for download
2022-08-31v4.0.15Bug fixed various minor mixed RTL/LTR word order flaws
2022-08-28v4.0.15Bug fixed wrong mixed RTL and LTR word order in PDF form fields
2022-08-27v4.0.15Bug fixed embedded image height in RTF output is limited to 90% of page height to avoid MS Word rendering visual errors
2022-08-24v4.0.15Improvement text-overflow: ellipsis CSS style support added
2022-07-27v4.0.15Bug fixed trailing blank pages not always suppressed
2022-07-25v4.0.15Bug fixed regression: <base> tag takes no effect
2022-07-01v4.0.15Site better search results representation and target page linking
2022-06-27v4.1.0 v4.0.15Improvement SVG text path support
2022-06-23v4.1.0Improvement all recent changes and bugfixes merged from v4.0.14 branch to v4.1.0 branch
2022-06-21v4.0.14RELEASE v4.0.14 is released and available for download
2022-06-20v4.0.14Improvement SVG <text> and <tspan> alignment logic refactored
2022-06-14v4.0.14Improvement multiple PDF parser and PDF merge/overlay module updates
2022-06-12v4.0.14Bug fixed page number in complex header/footer layouts is not fully rendered
2022-06-12v4.0.14Bug fixed auto-generated page numbers may appear rendered incomplete under some conditions
2022-06-05v4.0.14Improvement support of HTML code in dynamic params
2022-04-14v4.0.13fx2RELEASE v4.0.13fx2 is released and available for download
2022-04-08v4.0.13fx2Improvement PD4ML_SOCKET_TIMEOUT parameter support
2022-03-31v4.0.13fx1RELEASE v4.0.13fx1 is released and available for download
2022-03-06v4.0.13fx1Improvement conditional page break logic refined
2022-03-06v4.0.13RELEASE v4.0.13 is released and available for download
2022-02-24v4.0.13Bug fixed PNGs embedded in RTF are not always displayed
2022-02-23v4.0.13Bug fixed table borders misaligned by a specific combination of CSS properties
2022-02-16v4.0.13Improvement footnotes management logic refactored
2022-02-16v4.0.13Bug fixed hidden input elements may allocate space
2022-02-15v4.0.13Bug fixed printed long URLs are not line-breakable
2022-02-07v4.0.12RELEASE v4.0.12 is released and available for download
2022-01-30v4.0.12Bug fixed mismatch of default page margins in PD4ML v3 and PD4ML v3 -> v4 API wrapper
2022-01-10v4.0.12Bug fixed list item bullet/number is not rendered if <li> content is page-broken
2021-12-30v3.11.5fx1RELEASE v3.11.5fx1 is released and available for download
2021-12-30v3.11.5fx1Improvement various CJK TTF font substitution logic improvements
2021-12-30v3.11.5fx1Bug fixed regression: bold font style emulation may not work in some configurations
2021-12-16v4.1.0 v4.0.11Bug fixed regression: broken support of grayscale PNG
2021-12-16v4.1.0 v4.0.11Bug fixed conditional page breaks may take no effect
2021-11-28v4.1.0Improvement AES_128BIT and AES_256BIT PDF encryption support added. New default is AES_128BIT
2021-11-18v4.0.11Improvement font size support in PDF form text fields
2021-11-16v4.0.10RELEASE v4.0.10 includes the recent bugfixes of v4.1.0 branch
2021-10-28v4.0.10Bug fixed trailing chars of header/footer text are cut
2021-09-30v4.1.0 v4.0.10Bug fixed fails to read kerning tables of built-in core fonts (due to classloader oddities in certain JVM environments)
2021-09-09v4.1.0 v4.0.10Bug fixed start attribute of <ol> takes no effect
2021-09-08v4.1.0 v4.0.10Bug fixed setDynamicParams() of PD4ML v3 API wrapper does not propagate cache control directives to PD4ML v4 API layer.
2021-09-07v4.1.0 v4.0.10Bug fixed incorrect SVG scaling if width and height attribute values are given in percents
2021-06-13v4.1.0 v3.11.4fx6 v4.0.10Bug fixed wrong mixed Arabic / English word order
2021-06-08v4.1.0 v4.0.10Bug fixed scope=1 atribute of <pd4ml:page.footer> may cause content and footer on the first page to overlap
2021-04-27v4.0.9fx5RELEASE v4.0.9fx5 is released and available for download
2021-04-27v3.11.4fx5RELEASE v3.11.4fx5 is released and available for download
2021-04-22v4.0.9fx5Bug fixed regression: incorrect vertical alignment of page-broken nested tables
2021-04-21v4.0.9fx5Bug fixed <thead> replication of a page-broken table may cause PDF/UA validation warning
2021-04-20v4.0.9fx5Improvement refined footnotes rendering logic
2021-04-12v4.0.9fx5Bug fixed regression: incorrect calculation of percent image width
2021-04-07v3.11.4fx5Bug fixed HTML entities in HREF attribute are not replaced with escaped characters
2021-04-05v3.11.4fx5 v4.0.9fx5Bug fixed possible name clash of embedded fonts by PDF document merge.
2021-04-03v4.0.9fx5Improvement basic support for CSS media queries added (max-width, min-width etc)
2021-04-03v4.0.9fx5Improvement Flex layout generation performance optimization
2021-04-03v4.0.9fx5Bug fixed footer may partially overlap content on the first page
2021-03-06v4.0.9fx5Bug fixed trailing blank page removal logic fix (some pages may be mistaken for blank if they only contain images and no other content)
2021-03-03v4.0.9fx5Improvement CSS runtime performance optimization
2021-03-03v4.0.9fx5Bug fixed enableHyperlinks(false) erroneously disables internal PDF links creation; an external PDF link created even if the target URL matches the document base
2021-03-02v3.11.4fx5 v4.0.9fx5Bug fixed an occurrence of an invalid @media selector can skip the rest of the stylesheet
2021-03-01v4.0.9fx4RELEASE v4.0.9fx4 is released and available for download
2021-03-01v4.0.9fx4Bug fixed a clash of automatic and forced page breaks may cause a generation of a blank page
2021-02-26v4.0.9fx4Bug fixed automatic page break logic does not take into account block paddings, and under some conditions, the background of the bottom margin is carried over to the next page
2021-02-23v4.0.9fx4Bug fixed regression: table not rendered after a page break
2021-02-08v4.0.9fx4Bug fixed TR background may be printed below page break logical position
2021-02-08v4.0.9fx4Bug fixed NPE when rendering table/tr with display:none style
2020-11-30v4.0.9fx3RELEASEv4.0.9fx3 is released and available for download
2020-11-30v3.11.4fx4RELEASEv3.11.4fx4 is released and available for download
2020-11-28v4.0.9fx3Bug fixed Page background does not cover the entire page
2020-11-26v4.0.9fx3Improvement getDocumentTitle() API method added
2020-11-23v3.11.4fx4Bug fixed PDF parser issue
2020-11-17v4.0.9fx3Bug fixed Ordered lists in RTF numbered wrongly
2020-11-09v4.0.9fx3Bug fixed Scope "skiplast" is not working with header/footer tags
2020-09-08v4.0.9fx1Bug fixed CSS calc() malfunction
2020-08-27v4.0.9fx1Bug fixed Corrupted PDF output for some locales (e.g. nb_NO) under OpenJDK v10.0+
2020-08-26v4.0.9fx1Improvement Automatic substitution of 0x7F - 0x9F character range, rarely supported by TTF/OTF, with Unicode equivalents
2020-08-26v4.0.9fx1Bug fixed Content cut after <text> under special conditions
2020-08-25v4.0.9fx1Bug fixed <legend> tag is not rendered if its parent <fieldset> occupies more than one page
2020-08-25v4.0.9fx1Bug fixed Wrong height of empty table cells
2020-08-16v4.0.9RELEASE v4.0.9 is released and available for download
2020-08-12v4.0.9Bug fixed Table cell attribute nowrap="" (with a blank string as a value) takes no effect
2020-07-27v4.0.9Improvement if there is no CJK font of requested family and style to render a content portion, as "the last resort" it looks for a capable one among all available TTF/OTF fonts.
2020-07-22v4.0.9Bug fixed table cell inproperly inherits text alignment style from the table parent
2020-06-30v4.0.9Improvement Added protectPhysicalUnitDimensions(boolean) method, known in PD4ML v3 API.
2020-06-25v4.0.9Improvement Absolute positioning logic refactored to support complex document tag structures
2020-06-08v4.0.8RELEASE v4.0.8 is released and available for download
2020-06-06v4.0.8Bug fixed broken/invalid PNG ICC color profile may result corrupted PDF output
2020-06-05v4.0.8 v3.11.5Improvement revised conditions for emulating italics and bold in a case of unavailability of the necessary fonts
2020-05-19v4.0.8Bug fixed invalid minimal width calculation by word-break: break-all;
2020-04-28v4.0.8Improvement Support of "word-break: break-word" style, despite it is deprecated
2020-04-28v4.0.8Improvement CSS cascading engine performance optimization
2020-04-26v3.11.4Improvement Font size accuracy in "protect physical unit dimensions" mode
2020-04-20v4.0.8Improvement Table row heights balance logic improved (for intersecting rowspans)
2020-03-03v4.0.8Bug fixed Font indexer may refer to an invalid .TTC collection index
2020-02-28v4.0.8Bug fixed NPE if terminate() API called before readHTML()
2020-02-27v4.0.8Improvement caching logic updates; cache disabling with pd4ml.cache.enable=false runtime property is possible again
2020-02-27v4.0.8Improvement HTML rendering engine refactoring to achieve a better handling of implicit element sizes
2020-01-10v4.0.8Bug fixed abs positioned elements: page break logic issues
2020-01-09v3.11.3RELEASE v3.11.3 is released and available for download
2020-01-01v4.0.7RELEASE v4.0.7 is released and available for download
2020-01-01v4.0.7Improvement <pd4tl:header> and <pd4tl:footer> tags added to PD4ML taglib v4 for backward compatibility
2019-12-26v4.0.7Bug fixed table cell content centering issues (very special cases)
2019-12-25v4.0.7Bug fixed percentual min-height in header/footer may corrupt PDF page layout in some cases
2019-12-25v4.0.7Bug fixed documents not always watermarked when PD4ML is in evaluation mode
2019-12-23v4.0.7Improvement font kerning logic refinements
2019-12-19v4.0.7Bug fixed missing character entities by SVG text rendering
2019-12-19v4.0.7Bug fixed incorrect handling of soft hyphens (&shy;)
2019-12-18v4.0.7Bug fixed PDF/A-1b spec compliance regression
2019-12-17v4.0.7Improvement rowspanned table cells page break logic refinements
2019-12-16v4.0.7Improvement better error workarounds by a merging of corrupted/inconsistent PDFs
2019-11-25v4.0.7Improvement removes trailing blank pages (if any) from resulting documents
2019-11-20v4.0.7Improvement reusing of available font files created/stored in TEMP directory by previous conversion requests
2019-11-19v4.0.7Bug fixed Overridden Producer document property does not match XMP metadata
2019-11-02v4.0.6fx4Improvement Page break logic refinements for table cells spanning more than one page break
2019-10-28v4.0.6fx3Bug fixed Element positioning issues of the built-in SVG renderer
2019-10-24v4.0.6fx1 v3.11.2Bug fixed RTF output: minor layout rendering flaws
2019-10-19v4.0.6RELEASE v4.0.6 is released and available for download
2019-10-16v4.0.6Improvement Added flex layout support
2019-09-30v3.11.1fx1 v4.0.6Improvement Embedding performance optimization for big inline base64-encoded attachments
2019-09-25v4.0.6Bug fixed PDF form generation fails if radio input field shares the same name with inputs of other types
2019-09-23v4.0.6Improvement pd4ml.setParam(Constants.PD4ML_GENERATE_TOOLTIPS, "true") API call forces generation of PDF tooltips
2019-09-23v4.0.6Improvement pd4ml.enableHyperlinks(boolean enable) method functionality implemented
2019-09-23v4.0.6Bug fixed incorrect scaling of SVG under some conditions
2019-09-23v4.0.6Bug fixed Rendering issue of table cells spanning more than one page break
2019-09-23v4.0.6Bug fixed Misplaced textarea background. Incorrect textarea white space processing.
2019-09-16v4.0.6Improvement Implements pd4ml.setRenderingHints(Map hints) API method to control rendering algorithms by image output.
2019-09-13v4.0.6Improvement Supports parametrized page breaks to change target PDF page format and scale factor on-a-fly
2019-09-13v4.0.6Improvement Adds support for conditional page breaks: <pd4ml:page.break ifSpaceBelowLessThan="50px">
2019-09-06v4.0.6Bug fixed Rendering issue of special characters with Type1 fonts
2019-09-05v4.0.6Improvement Applying proprietary data-rtf-convert: wmf style to an image forces it to be converted to WMF format by RTF output
2019-09-03v4.0.6Bug fixed HTTPS compatibility issues with JDK 10 and newer
2019-09-02v4.0.6Bug fixed :nth-child(odd) pseudo style may override :nth-child(even)
2019-09-02v4.0.6Bug fixed Invalid positioning of floats nested to floats
2019-09-02v4.0.6Bug fixed A presence of SVG objects in a table cell may corrupt table border output. The issue impacts only HTML-to-Image conversion
2019-09-01v3.11.1fx1Improvement v3 is compatible with JDK 1.3 again.
2019-08-26v4.0.5RELEASE v4.0.5 is released and available for download
2019-08-26v3.11.1RELEASE v3.11.1 is released and available for download
2019-08-17v4.0.5Bug fixed Occaional lost of a text line by an implicit page break (under special conditions)
2019-07-28v4.0.5Improvement Multi-threaded resource loading
2019-07-26v4.0.5Bug fixed Incorrect content scaling by adjustHtmlWidth=true
2019-07-25v4.0.5Bug fixed $[page] and $[total] placeholders not always substituted if the header/footer has international text content
2019-07-25v4.0.5Bug fixed Under some conditions page-break-before: always takes no effect
2019-07-15v4.0.5Bug fixed "background-position: center" takes no effect by "background-size: contain"
2019-07-08v4.0.5Bug fixed Applying of PDF permissions implicitly sets document password
2019-06-18v4.0.4RELEASE v4.0.4 is released and available for download
2019-06-12v3.11.0RELEASE v3.11.0 is released and available for download
2019-06-07v3.11.0 v4.0.4Improvement New API method PD4ML.applyKerning(boolean)
2019-06-06v4.0.4Improvement Multiple PDF/UA output refinements and minor bugfixes
2019-06-06v4.0.4Bug fixed Issues by loading of TTF/OTF fonts from JAR file
2019-05-31v3.10.9fx5 v4.0.4Improvement RTF conversion performance optimization
2019-05-30v4.0.4Improvement Product source code aligned for backward JDK1.7+ compatibility
2019-05-30v4.0.4Improvement HTML metadata from <meta> tags is used to set PDF's Subject, Keywords and Author properties.
2019-05-23v4.0.4Bug fixed Evaluation watermark appearance makes PDF hyperlinks inactive
2019-05-17v4.0.4Bug fixed auto page break logic flaws (by tables with rowspanned cells)
2019-05-17v3.10.9fx4 v4.0.4Bug fixed Exception by merging of PDFs exported from Crystal Reports
2019-05-16v3.10.9fx4 v4.0.4Bug fixed rowspanned empty table cells may corrupt RTF document integrity
2019-05-06v4.0.3RELEASE v4.0.3 is released and available for download
2019-05-04v4.0.3Bug fixed inconsistent PDF tagging of watermarks by PDF/UA output
2019-05-03v4.0.3Improvement Implicitly groups leading table rows with <th> cells to <thead> section (if no other table section specified)
2019-05-01v4.0.3Bug fixed incorrect tagging of row/colspanned table cells by PDF/UA output
2019-04-27v4.0.3Bug fixed undesired blank space after some Type1 (non-TTF) font glyphs
2019-04-27v3.10.9fx3Improvement cedilla diacritic glyphs support for not Unicode3.0-compliant font "Arial Unicode MS"
2019-04-25v3.10.9fx3 v4.0.3Improvement Arabic lists support by RTF output; RTF lists output refinements
2019-04-09v4.0.3Bug fixedTable header replication issues in a nested table context
2019-04-02v4.0.3Bug fixed corrupted TOC style
2019-04-01v4.0.3Bug fixed Image format output: incorrect positioning of watermarks
2019-04-01v4.0.3Bug fixed <hr> CSS transform and alignment issues
2019-03-31v4.0.3Bug fixed misplaced span background fill in "text-align: justify" mode
2019-03-31v4.0.3Bug fixed box rounded corners minor rendering issue
2019-03-30v4.0.3Improvement CSS transform (rotate, scale, skew etc) supported
2019-03-07v4.0.2RELEASEv4.0.2 is released and available for download
2019-03-03v4.0.2Improvement RTL script (Arabic, Hebrew) support added
2019-02-24v4.0.2Bug fixedBuilt-in SVG renderer: Rotated graphics context is not inherited by nested elements
2019-02-14v3.10.9fx1Improvement default TTF font (if specified and exists) takes precedence over built-in Type1 PDF viewer fonts
2019-02-01v4.0.2Improvement added a possibility to embed extra TTF font glyph ranges into resulting PDF (e.g. to cover possible PDF form input).
2019-01-31v4.0.2Improvement Multi-threading stability tweaks.
2019-01-31v4.0.2Bug fixed SVG image may appear blank in PDF if "overflow: hidden" style is applied to its parent block element.
2019-01-29v4.0.2Improvement Support of MathML rendering when Jeuclid library is in the classppath
2019-01-26v4.0.2Improvement Apache Batik is supported as an optional plugable SVG renderer
2019-01-16v3.10.9fx1Bug fixed UTF32 characters copy/paste (from PDF) error
2019-01-16v3.10.9RELEASE v3.10.9 is released and available for download
2019-01-15v3.10.9 v4.0.2Improvement 4byte (UTF32) character support added. Minor CJK rendering issues fixed.
2019-01-15v3.10.9Bug fixed default font changed to Arial for backward compatibility with older versions
2018-12-31v4.0.2Improvement <XMP> HTML tag supported
2018-12-31v4.0.1RELEASEv4.0.1 is released and available for download
2018-12-31v4.0.1Improvement PDF/UA (and PDF/A-2a) support added
2018-12-10v4.0.1Bug fixed Logical width of colspanned cell wrongly applied by table layout calculation
2018-11-28v3.10.8RELEASE v3.10.8 released and available for download
2018-11-27v3.10.8Improvement bottom-top text orientation support with writing-mode: vertical-lr; transform: rotate(-180deg);
2018-11-26v4.0.1Site Issue submit form added.
2018-11-23v4.0.1Site Release notes viewer added
2018-11-18v3.10.8 v4.0.1Bug fixed colons and dots in CSS function name makes style parser to break
2018-11-10v4.0.1Site Updated version of PD4ML v4 reference manual published
2018-09-17v4.0.1Bug fixed PD4ML v3 API Wrapper incorrectly overrides document encoding
2018-09-16v4.0.1Improvement New -gui flag for Pd4Cmd
2018-09-07v4.0.1Bug fixed Watermark misplaced by image output
2018-09-04v4.0.1Bug fixed Activation code reading bug (affected by whitespaces)
2018-09-03v4.0.0Site Supported HTML tags page added
2018-09-01v4.0.0Site Supported CSS properties page added
2018-08-03v4.0.0RELEASE v4.0.0 released and available for download
2018-06-22v4.0.0Improvement SVG images can be converted directly, without a parent HTML
2018-05-11v4.0.0Improvement PD4ML implements a check for license file (pd4ml.lic) in the classpath (e.g. in the root folder of JAR files), if it has not been found in the working directory.
2018-05-05v4.0.0Improvement useTTF() name filter parameter added. With the parameter specified, PD4ML performs auto-index only for TTF files, whose names match a given pattern.
2018-04-22v4.0.0Improvement Lightweight SVG renderer built in. External SVG engine (Batik) is going to be supported as a plugin by v4.0.2