Product features

Define document layout with HTML and CSS
By adding of tables of contents, raster or vector graphics, headers and footers and other elements, you can create a layout for a complex document with relative ease using markup language everybody knows: HTML

PD4ML supports the definition of reports that are output in PDF, PDF/A, PDF/UA and RTF, as well as various raster image formats

Add PDF and RTF output to your app with PD4ML API
PD4ML is all-sufficient platform independent component and does not rely on any third-party software or cloud document converter infrastructure.

Just include PD4ML library to your application and write a couple lines of code to get PDF or RTF reporting functionality on board

New PD4ML v4. Totally refactored. More features. Improved performance
PD4ML v4 is based on a new performant HTML rendering engine, optimized for paged output media. It pays a special attention to Section 508 compliance by implementing Tagged PDF and PDF/UA standards

As usually PD4ML is friendly to international scripts, including CJK, and supports to author pages in right-to-left scripts

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Creating high quality accessible PDF/UA documents

One of the major reasons to migrate to PD4ML v4 API is the support of […]

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How to configure PDF fonts

PD4ML PRO, DMS and UA allow you to use all UNICODE characters space of custom […]

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Our Customers

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PD4ML is used by our customers across a wide range of industries including financial services, government, energy/utility, legal, manufacturing and education

Easy way to create PDF and RTF documents