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PD4ML is 100% Java application, so “in theory” it cannot crash JVM. As a rule such fatal crashes are caused by inconsistencies in JDK installation or by JVM bugs (specific for a particular platform).

I googled for similar stack traces – the only thing I suspect is that java.awt.color.ICC_Profile.getData() is not thread safe. Did you face with the problem when the application was under a heavy load (multiple simultaneous requests)?

The problematic method is called for PNG images and only for PNGs have ICC color profile. Probably there is a “killer” PNG image, your JVM instance is not able to deal with. Could you please try to identify it?

Depending on your feedback we’ll produce a test version of PD4ML with synchronized ICC_Profile.getData() calls and with a possibility to disable the calls at all (it is a good practice to have image color profiles embedded to PDF, but it is not mandatory).