Release Notes PD4ML v4

2018-04-22v4.0.0Improvement Lightweight SVG renderer built in. External SVG engine (Batik) is going to be supported as a plugin by v4.0.2
2018-05-05v4.0.0Improvement useTTF() name filter parameter added. With the parameter specified, PD4ML performs auto-index only for TTF files, whose names match a given pattern.
2018-05-11v4.0.0Improvement PD4ML implements a check for license file (pd4ml.lic) in the classpath (e.g. in the root folder of JAR files), if it has not been found in the working directory.
2018-06-22v4.0.0Improvement SVG images can be converted directly, without a parent HTML
2018-08-03v4.0.0RELEASE v4.0.0 released and available for download
2018-09-01v4.0.0Site Supported CSS properties page added
2018-09-03v4.0.0Site Supported HTML tags page added
2018-09-04v4.0.1Bug fixed Activation code reading bug (affected by whitespaces)
2018-09-07v4.0.1Bug fixed Watermark misplaced by image output
2018-09-16v4.0.1Improvement New -gui flag for Pd4Cmd
2018-09-17v4.0.1Bug fixed PD4ML v3 API Wrapper incorrectly overrides document encoding
2018-11-10v4.0.1Site Updated version of PD4ML v4 reference manual published
2018-11-18v3.10.8 v4.0.1Bug fixed colons and dots in CSS function name makes style parser to break
2018-11-23v4.0.1Site Release notes viewer added
2018-11-26v4.0.1Site Issue submit form added.
2018-11-27v3.10.8Improvement bottom-top text orientation support with writing-mode: vertical-lr; transform: rotate(-180deg);
2018-11-28v3.10.8RELEASE v3.10.8 released and available for download
2018-12-10v4.0.1Bug fixed Logical width of colspanned cell wrongly applied by table layout calculation
2018-12-31v4.0.1Improvement PDF/UA (and PDF/A-2a) support added
2018-12-31v4.0.1RELEASEv4.0.1 is released and available for download
2018-12-31v4.0.2Improvement <XMP> HTML tag supported
2019-01-15v3.10.9Bug fixed default font changed to Arial for backward compatibility with older versions
2019-01-15v4.0.2 v3.10.9Improvement 4byte (UTF32) character support added. Minor CJK rendering issues fixed.
2019-01-16v3.10.9RELEASE v3.10.9 is released and available for download
2019-01-16v3.10.9fx1Bug fixed UTF32 characters copy/paste (from PDF) error
2019-01-26v4.0.2Improvement Apache Batik is supported as an optional plugable SVG renderer
2019-01-29v4.0.2Improvement Support of MathML rendering when Jeuclid library is in the classppath
2019-01-31v4.0.2Bug fixed SVG image may appear blank in PDF if "overflow: hidden" style is applied to its parent block element.
2019-01-31v4.0.2Improvement Multi-threading stability tweaks.
2019-02-01v4.0.2Improvement added a possibility to embed extra TTF font glyph ranges into resulting PDF (e.g. to cover possible PDF form input).
2019-02-14v3.10.9fx1Improvement default TTF font (if specified and exists) takes precedence over built-in Type1 PDF viewer fonts
2019-02-24v4.0.2Bug fixedBuilt-in SVG renderer: Rotated graphics context is not inherited by nested elements
2019-03-03v4.0.2Improvement RTL script (Arabic, Hebrew) support added
2019-03-07v4.0.2RELEASEv4.0.2 is released and available for download
2019-03-30v4.0.3Improvement CSS transform (rotate, scale, skew etc) supported
2019-03-31v4.0.3Bug fixed box rounded corners minor rendering issue
2019-03-31v4.0.3Bug fixed misplaced span background fill in "text-align: justify" mode
2019-04-01v4.0.3Bug fixed <hr> CSS transform and alignment issues
2019-04-01v4.0.3Bug fixed Image format output: incorrect positioning of watermarks
2019-04-02v4.0.3Bug fixed corrupted TOC style
2019-04-09v4.0.3Bug fixedTable header replication issues in a nested table context
2019-04-25v4.0.3 v3.10.9fx3Improvement Arabic lists support by RTF output; RTF lists output refinements
2019-04-27v3.10.9fx3Improvement cedilla diacritic glyphs support for not Unicode3.0-compliant font "Arial Unicode MS"
2019-04-27v4.0.3Bug fixed undesired blank space after some Type1 (non-TTF) font glyphs
2019-05-01v4.0.3Bug fixed incorrect tagging of row/colspanned table cells by PDF/UA output
2019-05-03v4.0.3Improvement Implicitly groups leading table rows with <th> cells to <thead> section (if no other table section specified)
2019-05-04v4.0.3Bug fixed inconsistent PDF tagging of watermarks by PDF/UA output
2019-05-06v4.0.3RELEASE v4.0.3 is released and available for download
2019-05-16v4.0.4 v3.10.9fx4Bug fixed rowspanned empty table cells may corrupt RTF document integrity
2019-05-17v4.0.4Bug fixed auto page break logic flaws (by tables with rowspanned cells)
2019-05-17v4.0.4 v3.10.9fx4Bug fixed Exception by merging of PDFs exported from Crystal Reports
2019-05-23v4.0.4Bug fixed Evaluation watermark appearance makes PDF hyperlinks inactive
2019-05-30v4.0.4Improvement HTML metadata from <meta> tags is used to set PDF's Subject, Keywords and Author properties.
2019-05-30v4.0.4Improvement Product source code aligned for backward JDK1.7+ compatibility
2019-05-31v4.0.4 v3.10.9fx5Improvement RTF conversion performance optimization
2019-06-06v4.0.4Bug fixed Issues by loading of TTF/OTF fonts from JAR file
2019-06-06v4.0.4Improvement Multiple PDF/UA output refinements and minor bugfixes
2019-06-07v4.0.4 v3.11.0Improvement New API method PD4ML.applyKerning(boolean)
2019-06-12v3.11.0RELEASE v3.11.0 is released and available for download
2019-06-18v4.0.4RELEASE v4.0.4 is released and available for download
2019-07-08v4.0.5Bug fixed Applying of PDF permissions implicitly sets document password
2019-07-15v4.0.5Bug fixed "background-position: center" takes no effect by "background-size: contain"
2019-07-25v4.0.5Bug fixed Under some conditions page-break-before: always takes no effect
2019-07-25v4.0.5Bug fixed $[page] and $[total] placeholders not always substituted if the header/footer has international text content
2019-07-26v4.0.5Bug fixed Incorrect content scaling by adjustHtmlWidth=true
2019-08-17v4.0.5Bug fixed Occaional lost of a text line by an implicit page break (under special conditions)